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There were technical difficulties for many of our followers in being able to enter the $1000 Presidents and Commanders Trivia Pursuit contest. These problems have now been corrected, and we are looking forward to your fresh responses!

Please send all Submissions to TinyBlundersBigDisasters@gmail.com


We are giving away a $ 1,000 dollar savings bond to the lucky follower who best participates in our 20 question historical trivia contest. In order to make the “cut” you only have to answer six of the twenty questions correctly. However, the more you get right the better your odds of winning. Please make all submission by December 31, 2012 This will be the FINAL extension. The winner will be announced no later than January 10th, 2013 (Assuming the Mayans were not correct). This will allow us time to grade and score the…

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Eric "Kristobaldude" Hepperle is the owner of Kristobaldude Enterprises, an artistic services firm specializing in Web Design & Development. He is an award-winning author and prolific blogger who’s interests include ancient history, success culture, primitive living & sustainability, natural healing, heavy metal music, and supernatural phenomena to name just a few. He likes to travel, plays guitar, enjoys surfing, and is considered by many to be a modern day Renaissance Man.
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