San Antonio Alamo Terraformed Landscape – Fountans & Gardens

Check out these neat photos of terra-formed landscapes. For me they evoke sort of a “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” feel.

Click for more Alamo/San Antonio photos



So we’ve both been working full time for over 2 weeks now, and it feels fantasmic.  I’m learning the always applicable art of auto insurance and KS has been earning his stripes as a night shift nurse.  We both feel extremely lucky and fortunate to be gainfully employed in jobs we can say we still love even at the end of 4 12-hour shifts.

RP has settled in pretty well.  He pants (ha, just like his NAME) a lot and drinks extra bowls of water on the regular, but there are dog parks like they’re sent from heaven and one of us is usually home to spend time with him during the day/night.

We miss our Oregon friends and family quite a lot, and I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes sit around listening to NPR, drinking organic coffee and imagining rain falling outside.  But we have…

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