Trayvon Martin Shooting – New Facts vs. Media Bias

VOL 1: Current Events (2010.03.27)

Trayvon Martin:

Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman: Different views & Media Bias

Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman: Different views & Media Bias

One of the most talked about issues across the nation happened in Sanford, Florida last month.  Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old African-American youth was shot in an altercation/confrontation with 28-year old George Zimmerman, a gentleman of Caucasian-Hispanic dissent.  Since the beginning the media’s portrayal  of events has seemed aimed to convict Zimmerman, and possibly gun laws as well, in the court of public opinion.

The narrative that has been neatly packaged and delivered to the public at large is that Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer who saw a “suspicious-looking” black man walking through his (Zimmerman’s) gated community.  Zimmerman called the cops who told him not to follow the guy, but he wouldn’t listen and went all gung-ho, perhaps motivated by racial prejudice, and chased after the man, who turned out to be Trayvon Martin, who was wearing a hoodie, eating skittles, walking home from the store, and talking on the phone to a friend.  Zimmerman then said something to Trayvon, Trayvon replied something to the effect of “leave me alone man!” and then Zimmerman shot him dead, for no legitimate reason.  This is what the media are peddling.  I don’t know if I buy it tho.

In my first article on this case, I tried to be careful to state that I don’t know what happened — nobody knows what happened except Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman.  Originally my mental verdict was more for Martin than Zimmerman.  However, some interesting facts have been coming to light on both sides.  For instance:

Trayvon vs Zimmerman - Media deception

Trayvon vs Zimmerman – The image the media have been bandying about, putting Martin in the most positive light, and Zimmerman in the most negative light. I almost fell for this blatant perception engineering too.

  • Why when Trayvon Martin obviously has recent pictures of him as a young man is the media using photos from when he was around 11?  Could it be that by deliberately deceiving the public, the stakeholders gain more interest and favor for their case? (looks bad on Martin)
  • George Zimmerman, it turns out, is the son of a retired judge.  See this article by Danielle Canada at and this one by laserhaas at the Daily Kos. (looks bad on Zimmerman)

Of course there have been attempts to disparage Trayvon Martin’s character by those who would benefit from that, and there has been a clear attempt to cover this up that failed by law enforcement, government officials, and the local media in Sanford.  So let’s realize that there is unfortunately politics involved in this tragedy, especially if it is shown (which I believe it will be), that the police gave special treatment to Mr. Zimmerman because of his father’s influence.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that EVEN IF there was a coverup and police did try to sweep this case under the rug, that doesn’t mean that Mr. Martin didn’t attack, threaten, or in any way cause physical harm to Mr. Zimmerman.  Equally, just because Trayvon Martin was known to dress in the popular urban style (or put more plainly: like a tattooed gangster rap thug), does not mean he wasn’t shot in cold blood, the victim of a crime motivated partially by fear and partially by racism.  WE WERE’NT THERE, SO WE CAN NEVER SAY FOR SURE.  But, I think this case demands justice; whether that condemns or exonerates George Zimmerman is yet to say.  I believe we will never know until he has his day in court.

I want to leave you with this quote from Jim Treacher over at

No, these new facts aren’t “complicating” or “deepening” the issue. It was deep and complicated already. Our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors in the media have tried and failed to make it shallow and simple.

Which isn’t to say that this new information proves Zimmerman was right to shoot Martin. But it does cast doubt on the instant narrative of Martin as a cheerful, cherubic little boy who was just minding his own business when a gun-wielding vigilante came out of nowhere and gunned him down for the crime of being black and wearing a hoodie. We still don’t know exactly what happened, or how close to the truth that is. Hey, it could be that’s what happened after all. But knowing more about these two guys only “complicates” things if you’re in the business of dumbing things down.

I truly couldn’t have said it  better myself.

Well.  I was going to tell you about other stuff, but sleep awaits so I shall have to report on the other two items another day.

Remember:  Group think BAD!  Use your own minds, think for yourselves.

– Dr. Tempus Chronicum


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2 Responses to Trayvon Martin Shooting – New Facts vs. Media Bias

  1. What I don’t understand is why the media continues to voice and provide supposed evidence to smear the victim–pictures and dredging up the victims past that’s supposed to make them look bad (and presumably deserved to be shot and killed). I would think that that sort of low-blow mudslinging would be left to Zimmerman’s lawyers to try to justify the killing. Not provided free by the media to tarnish the potential jury pool.

    By the way, the mug shot of Zimmerman is also very old (although I think it’s not even Zimmerman at all by a random Hispanic guy). Zimmerman is a child of privilege–that mug shot guy is clearly not. This guy must be pretty important for the media to go out of their way to be the defense and to protect his anonymity.

    • kristobaldude says:


      Thanks for joining the conversation!

      You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, one discovers that the stock and trade, (bread-and-butter, if you will) of the media at large — be it the “Liberal Media” (MSNBC) or Conservative talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.) — is deceipt, muck-raking, mudslinging, and a little something I like to call “perception engineering”. Framing someone is also an example of perception engineering. If you can arrange circumstances or set into motion events that will generate a particular effect, especially on a mass scale (think whole communities of people nationwide), then you can orchestrate what “the truth” will look like today.

      – Dr. Tempus Chronicum

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