Where Sustainability Becomes Philosophy

The Sustainability Puzzle

No one can disagree with sustainable principles – that we be able to sustain ourselves, our families and our communities.  The questions arise when the discussion enters the abstract of scope and time, but coincidentally this is also where the realm of philosophy begins.  It seems to me that it is commonplace today for most people to compartmentalize these life-guiding ideas into one of the neatly packaged religions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity or Hinduism without really questioning the source or meaning of their beliefs – and, that is okay – it is human nature.  The challenge of any of the great prophets has been to make the people of their time recognize societal changes and the religions that arose were that people’s adaptation to that new reality.

Well, we too have entered a new reality for which our current systems and beliefs are no longer adequate.  People don’t object to…

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Eric "Kristobaldude" Hepperle is the owner of Kristobaldude Enterprises, an artistic services firm specializing in Web Design & Development. He is an award-winning author and prolific blogger who’s interests include ancient history, success culture, primitive living & sustainability, natural healing, heavy metal music, and supernatural phenomena to name just a few. He likes to travel, plays guitar, enjoys surfing, and is considered by many to be a modern day Renaissance Man.
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